Our Pillars:



Character is the main pillar of Texas Bluebonnets. The character of a person consists of all their qualities, and in Texas Bluebonnets, we intend to maximize each woman’s potential to be the best they can be. We do this by promoting each of the four other pillars of our organization.

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Bluebonnets is an organization created by young women for young women. In our organization, we encourage our fellow Bluebonnets to share their voice, to understand the importance of responsibility and interpersonal skills so that they may blaze a trail that others follow. We are proud to say that many Bluebonnets are leaders in and out of the organization.


As students and alumni of UT Austin, Texas Bluebonnets strives for academic excellence, and a good academic standing with the school is always enforced. Texas Bluebonnets values the importance of education, so that in whatever pathway our TXBB’s choose, they will be successful.

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Serving the community and giving back is a big part of Texas Bluebonnets. We are proud to be work with Austin Animal Center, our main philanthropy. Austin Animal Center is a part of the largest no-kill shelter community in the nation and houses 17,000 animals yearly. We love to serve our community, whether it is with the Austin Animal Center or with UT in on-campus events.


Having pride within our organization, our school, our community, our backgrounds, all reflect in another trait that helps build character: spirit. As an organization within UT, we love to show spirit by attending UT events such as games and performances, along with UT events that are hosted by other organizations.

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