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  • The mission of Texas Bluebonnets is to promote growth of the members by providing opportunities for community service, campus involvement and friendship by ensuring all members a high-quality and safe undergraduate experience. To fulfill this goal, we strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of programs, services and operations by our five pillars of character, leadership, academics, service, and spirit.


1. Character

  • The core pillar of Texas Bluebonnets is character. Character consists of each person’s qualities and is promoted by each of the following pillars. Above all, Texas Bluebonnets strives to maximize each member’s potential to be the best she possibly can. 

  • In order to do that, Texas Bluebonnets provides its members with many opportunities for self growth, including but not limited to academic, leadership, and service opportunities. 

  • In addition, Texas Bluebonnets strives to recruit members with outstanding character by focusing on a holistic selection process and looking for driven individuals.


2. Leadership

  • Texas Bluebonnets is an organization that was created by young women for young women. We encourage our members to share their voice and to understand the importance of responsibility and interpersonal skills so that they may blaze a trail that others can follow. 

  • We encourage our members to be actively involved in other student organizations on campus and within their respective colleges.  

  • In addition, we actively recruit members who we feel will contribute heavily to this organization and are already involved in others. 

  • To promote leadership in Texas Bluebonnets, every active member is a member of one of the five committees. Within these committees, members plan events, design gear, and recruit new members. Additionally, members are given the opportunity to run for positions on Executive Board at the end of each semester

  • The new member class elects four officers to prepare a project for initiation, providing leadership opportunities from the beginning of their time in this organization. 

3. Academics

  • As students of The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Bluebonnets strives for academic excellence and good academic standing with the university. 

  • To promote this pillar, we actively advertise the importance of academics to us and our members during our recruitment process and seek women who are academically inclined. 

  • To ensure members academic standing with the University and for personal development, all members must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

  • All new members complete weekly study hours with each other to promote healthy study habits and relationships built on trust. 

  • For members on academic probation, we encourage their academic growth by providing opportunities for weekly study hours and ample resources.


4. Service

  • Serving the community and giving back is a big part of Texas Bluebonnets. The main philanthropy of Texas Bluebonnets is SAFE Alliance. 

  • We work closely with SAFE Alliance to raise awareness for their cause, donate, and help keep the animals happy by playing with and walking them.

  • Texas Bluebonnets also volunteers with various philanthropies in the Austin area, including our very own section of Waller Creek. 


5. Spirit

  • Having pride within our organization, our school, our community, and our backgrounds all reflect another trait that helps build character.

  • It is important for us to support our members and the ways that they express themselves, whether through art or sport. 

  • As an organization within UT Austin, Texas Bluebonnets members attend various events supporting the athletic, academic, and artistic departments of the university.

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